Dr Greg B Davies, Head of Behavioural Finance at Oxford Risk is joined by Markus Schuller, Founder and Managing Partner of Panthera Solutions for a Masterclass where you will uncover the Personalisation of Applied Behavioural Finance.

Humankind is fascinating. In a transformative environment of ever-increasing complexity, adoption rates for new technologies continue to increase. Classic shiny object syndrome at work. However, adoption rates for improved behaviours to master this complexity remain slow, due to biological and mental constraints.

Behavioural finance over the last 40 years is full of attempts to improve our behaviours in making evidence-based decisions. While we now know a lot more about our biases, and how and why we make poor financial decisions, we have not done enough to help investors bridge the knowing-doing gap. Talking about behavioural change is easier than walking the walk. How do we overcome this resistance to change on an individual and organisational level? The next step in applied behavioural finance is how to personalise better decisions at scale.

Rather than mislead the audience with empty buzzwords, or promising the “5 secret rules to master behavioural biases”, this Masterclass focuses on practical recommendations. You will learn how to use the power of personalisation to improve decision quality as an investment professional and end investor alike.

What can you expect from this on-demand Masterclass?

  • Learn to harness the power of personalisation within Applied Behavioural Finance
  • How to personalise better decisions at scale?
  • How to improve decision quality as an investment professional?

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