For most advised clients, a secure income in retirement will be a vital consideration. This can be achieved effectively by using part of a pension pot to provide a guaranteed income for life, with the other part remaining invested to offer flexible withdrawals. In a post-Consumer Duty world, how can financial advisers demonstrate and evidence that their recommendations on these two components are suitable, both independently and together? Ensuring both that each investor has the guaranteed income that is right for their unique situation, and that the investible portfolio is appropriately adjusted to account for this guaranteed income.

Behavioural finance specialists Oxford Risk, and special guests JUST Group, apply a behavioural lens to this often overlooked, but complex retirement drawdown question in this webinar now available on-demand.

Hosted by: Dr Greg B Davies, Head of Behavioural Finance, Oxford Risk
Guest speaker: Stuart Slegg, Head of SLI, JUST Group

Register now for this webinar that will cover the following key learning objectives:

  • Understand the types of clients who might benefit from including a proportion of guaranteed income
  • Understand how purchasing a proportion of guaranteed income can increase risk capacity
  • Understand the advantages of using a behavioural approach to capture client suitability and guaranteed income needs, and how this can be actively applied to matching an investor to suitable solutions
  • Discover what products and solutions could be suitable in meeting clients’ financial retirement objectives

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